Uploading 965 photo 11.5 GB took more the 36 hours

I have been trying to use this server on the same network,
[Xeon E5675 x 2 with 64 GB Ram]
Windows 10 Pro with WebODM Upgrade and Update to yesterday version.
Firefox 62.0.3 64 Bits version.
Images Link is

Task of 2018-10-22T17:31:29.851Z](javascript:void(0):wink:
965 pictures of 4000 x 3000 pixel – : – : – Uploading images
Created on: 10/23/2018, 12:40:44 AM
Options: fast-orthophoto: true, orthophoto-compression: JPEG, max-concurrency: 24
Status: Uploading images

The uploading process took very long time, more then 36 hours. Is this common? I have been loading the same set of image to my notebook of I7 5500U with 16 GB ram. It only took an hour. Would anyone here shine me some light on what goes wrong with my setting. Thankyou.

I follow! the same with me: 607 photos and more than 3 days busy !? already tested with a few photos and that worked properly. has now done an update and will enter it again.
win10 pro 32g ram

I have finally did manage to complete the job in timely manner. My mentioned 965 pictures are upload within 10 minutes and after that the uploading process the took me 36 hours only display for a few minute before it change to running and start counting time to process. Because I do not want any 3D, I set my option to fast-orthophoto. I could complete the job within 2:21 hours.
What I did was reset docker to default factory setting.
Uninstall WebODM Manager and delete the WebODM Manager Directory manually.
Reinstall WebODM Manager / Update / Start WebODM Manager
After that things work fine. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your experience @sasa.

That is a huge set of images @sasa… I have been testing my setup with a portion of them… I see that you are in Thailand or at least the images are… I spent time at Korat and Takhli long ago in the USAF. It was a great experience.

There was something wrong with my installation, after I have reset docker to factory setting, uninstall webODM and reinstall it again, it works. Total time for running the whole project is 15 hours. Thanks for the hard work and effort you and many people in this community have put in to ODM. What would be the recommended setting for my picture to come out at its best. Please instruct me.