Upload randomly jumps backwards

Hello everyone,

We have been having an odd one, this video shows it best:

What is happening is when a user uploads a number of images, the status indicator is showing progress and goes up, at random intervals it jumps backwards. We have one user telling us it got to 90% complete and then jumped down to 15% complete. This behavior occurs both from on the same network (i.e. using the IP address of the machine) and external of the network using the FQDN.

Some of the uploads just never seem to finish, while others eventually get to 100% complete.

I tried looking into the logs but didn’t see anything particularly useful or obvious. Are there any places that I should look to get a better idea of what might be causing this?

Running as a docker container,
latest version as of 9th of January 2020

Mm, the only explanation I have is that images are failing to be uploaded. When that happens the program backtracks and tries to upload the images once more. See https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/blob/master/app/static/app/js/components/ProjectListItem.jsx#L189

A large number of errors could cause that behavior?

Open the Web Developer toolbar in the browser and see the network activity / console log. There might be clues there.