Upload from Local node to Lightning after processing the images

Good evening,
Despite having already tested other programs, in fact WEBODM appears to be lighter, consuming less resources when used in local mode.
The last processing I did with an area of 29 hectares and with 258 images, took 2 hours and 40 minutes to process (HP OMEN i7 12th, 32GB RAM).
Do I have a way to share jobs processed locally?
Can I transfer the Output of jobs processed locally to the platform to be able to share them?
Francisco Romão, Eng.

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You can export the all.zip to share to other WebODM users who can sideload it.

Alternatively, you can share the results to our DroneDB platform using the built-in (but not enabled by default) plugin.

Yet other option would be to self-host WebODM somewhere web-facing (DigitalOcean, Azure, AWS, Hetzner, etc) and sideload the all.zips there.

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