Upgrading storage

Hey guys! New user here and just have a quick question. I used the native server installed purchased from webodm and it went swimmingly. My question is how do I upgrade the storage or rather change the path that it uses to process projects? I set it up on a small VM with plans to increase the storage when my SSD drives arrive. Your help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

That would depend a lot on how you provisioned the storage on the VM in the first place. If you provisioned it with LVM you could just extend the volume group, then the logical volume that the directories are mounted on (highly likely /, as the directory locations are peculiar on the native install).

Though if you’re “upgrading” to SSD you probably won’t want to bundle it in the same group with your other drives as you won’t see the true performance benefit.

What I’d do is attach the SSD to your host, pass it through as a raw drive to the VM, create a new volume group with that drive in it, create a new logical volume (maybe call it ODM or something obvious), mount it to /odm-drive, move /nodeodm, /www and /code into /odm-drive, and create three symlinks to their new location in the /odm-drive folder.

Don’t forget backups!

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