Update Broke Webodm

Hi Everyone,
I made the mistake of hitting the update button now WebODM stopped working.
Any help would be great.

/usr/bin/bash: ./webodm.sh: No such file or directory
Error: webodm.sh down exited with code: 127



Can you please provide more details so we have a better chance of helping you?

Where did you get WebODM? Are you using one of the Easy Installers?

What platform are you on?

What version did you have before you hit update?

What version does it say now?

I purchased the easy installer direct from the website and received emails from UAV4GEO.
I am running WIN7 pro 64bit
The version 1.9.0
I believe its the same version.
I have tried to restore my system & uninstall Webodm and reinstall with no success.
It also has de activated my web browser.
Help !!

Sorry now the system say.
Initialization Error.
Check console.

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