Understanding Project Path and Dataset Path From Command

I have my nodes, cluster, and images all waiting to go (thank you all); however, I am still one command away from distributing to then processing my images on my machines.

I am stuck here:
docker run -ti --rm -v /my/project:/datasets/code opendronemap/odm --project-path /datasets --split 800 --split-overlap 100 --sm-cluster http://<cluster-odm-ip>:3001

Particularly the /my/project:; /datasets/code; –project-path /datasets bits.
How can I get ClusterODM to use this directory:

C:\Users\sudodou\ODMProject\datasets\E8\images where images holds the data to be distributed.
I’ve tried quite a lot of combinations, but none have worked out. Some of the times the directory code is created, why?

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I seem to have resolved the issue, while observing a few others. I will update later!


Welcome! Glad you got yourself sorted!

Please keep us posted on your progress!


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