Unable to view 360 panorama in DroneDB

ok so i uploaded a panorama to DroneDB, however it just shows as a black screen when i try to view it, here’s the DroneDB Link

Exif info in pic below



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Interesting! I’m able to open it (although the projection seems off):

What browser are you using?

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I’m using Waterfox, what are you using, in out mobile at the moment, so I’ll check it in Firefox mobile

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Chrome Desktop.

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Make sure you allow-list hub.dronedb.app for any JavaScript filtering extensions you may have like Ghostery, JShelter, etc.

These are the only extensions that I have, got it sort of to open in edge, and mobile firerfox, but as @pierotfy says, the projection is way off

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The distortion is due to the projection type of the image, which is cylindrical, but the software doesn’t support it (it supports only equirectangular). As a workaround, if your panorama software allows it, export the panorama using a equirectangular projection until we implement Add support for cylindrical panorama projections · Issue #79 · DroneDB/Hub · GitHub

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Well this is getting even weirder, I managed to get it to display ok in the waterfox browser on my desktop, but not on the laptop (identical setup), this is shown in the first image below, then i tried it again a few minutes later and got the result in the second image, look closely where I’ve circled it and there is something there

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Ok this is looking like a waterfox problem as it works ok in firefox, and I’ve remade it so should display properly now



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