Unable to upload more than 200 photos

Unable to upload more than 200 photos.


Could you please give us a better idea of your setup? Operating system, RAM, storage, ODM version, method of installation, etc?


I deleted my account, I re-entered, unable to upload pictures, uninstalled the program that I paid for, I lost it, I downloaded the program back and installed it, unable to upload pictures, ask for help. Spread

Hey @Douangmala :hand: when you say:

The program that I paid for

Which program are you referring to? Who did you buy it from?

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I have made an order through this web ODM.
At first the installation was uploaded 200 images, the system said it could not be processed, I removed the installation and confirmed, re-entered the email, after that the system did not prevent uploading of the images.

Could you post a screenshot of the error you are getting when uploading images?


I was unable to upload photos that were shown to upload 200 images because I have uninstalled them.

Please Sire everyone if there is a system fix for me to upload pictures to this program Web ODM as before.

I’d be happy to help, but can you please let us know more details? What do you mean by “unable to upload photos that were shown to upload 200 images because I have uninstalled them”? Please take some screenshots of the error you’re getting, or just tell us more details? :pray: I’m not understanding what the issue is.


before Initially I uploaded 192 images, the program was able to calculate and convert them into 3D.

After I added more than 200 images, the program was unable to calculate it in 3D, so I uninstalled the program, and then I downloaded, reinstalled the program, signature and the hair pattern disappeared from the original I paid. And unable to upload pictures as before, please help me

Are you using a translator? I can’t seem to understand. What error are you getting? Is the task failing after you upload 200+ images? Can you upload any images at all?

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Now I can’t upload images to Web odm website because it is blocked. I want to ask the admin to help me fix it, unblock me since I have paid more than 70 dollars.

Please give me help. I am a poor admin in Laos.

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If you’re using WebODM Lightning as a processing node, then yeah, the 28 credits you’re showing on your account will not be enough to process 200 images. About 65 images seems to be the limit.

Lightning service is a paid platform/service. You need to ensure that you have adequate service credits, or an appropriate subscription to cover your processing needs.


If you purchased the WebODM Installer, you need to use WebODM Manager, not WebODM Lightning to process images locally. If you use WebODM Lightning you’re using a paid cloud service and you will need to refill it with credits. Use WebODM Manager to launch WebODM. You’ll be able to process images then. Sorry if this is confusing.


thank you so much


by this program again