Unable to start VM machine - shows AMD-V not enabled, but it is


I am generally a newbie attempting to get WebODM up and running on my AMD powered desktop. General specs are:

  • AMD FX-8350 8 Core 4000 MHZ
  • ASRock 990FX Extreme3 MB
  • 32 GB Dual Channel 665 MHZ RAM
  • NVidea GeForce GTX770 Graphics
  • Windows 7 Pro

The problem I am experiencing is that the start process is indicating that VT-X/AMD-v is not enabled in the BIOS. I have examined the BIOS several times and determined that it is in fact enabled.

What other issues may be causing this condition? I successfully was able to load and run projects back in 2016/2017 on the same machine and then had to hang up the endeavor due to other responsibilities. I recently have re-engaged and attempted to run that same installation, but was unable to do so (wasn’t able to find something it needed).

Could the problem be with Windows 7? If so, what operating system is recommended? Linux a better possibility? If so, what distro would you recommend?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I don’t think Win 7 is supported- time to move to Win 10.

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Win7 has been unsupported for a while, so new drivers/software/hardware no longer are tested/certified against it. You will continue to find trouble like this as time goes on. You can still do the free upgrade to Win10/Win11 by using your Win7 CoA Key that will be somewhere on the device’s case, or on the physical install media.

I can help you, if needed:

As for Linux distros, that’s really tough. It really depends what you want and what your comfort level is. Personally, I love Alpine Linux (https://www.alpinelinux.org/) and use it as my Linux daily on hardware and in WLS2, but it has some limitations with certain hardware and proprietary software.

Anything Debian-derived will be easiest to support various hardware and will have pre-compiled binaries for proprietary software and hardware. Debian-deriveds will also be the bulk of any support/forum results, and Ubuntu 20.04LTS (or a derivative) is what we recommend for native running of OpenDroneMap (but don’t do that, use docker :P). Many folks love Arch, but it can be challenging.

Check out DistroWatch:

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I played around with Ubuntu years ago, so basically a newbie with Linux. Do you feel I would have more trouble free success with 10 or Linux? Is Windows 8.1 supported?

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I’d avoid it if possible. Win 10 is far superior and it’s free, so there are no good reasons to suffer with Win 8! :wink:


8.1 is supported, yep!

Ooof… I’m very much a use what works for you/use what you know person. It sounds like your competency is Windows, and Windows 10 is honestly pretty fantastic, and WSL2 is an amazing tool for running Linux distros if you want/need.

Personally, I would upgrade to Win10/Win11 to convert you Win7 CoA key to a newer Win10/Win11 digital key on your account so you can alwasys use it again later with your Microsoft Account.

That being said, if you’re feeling Linuxy, Mint is absolutely peerless for Out-Of-Box experience on Linux, in my opinion, and is an Ubuntu/Debian-derived, so very easy to get support for/with.

I will die on this hill: Windows 8 has the single best UI/UX for tablets/touch devices, and I absolutely adored it once I got a drawing tablet.

But yes, quite a shock coming from earlier versions if you didn’t have a Windows Phone already :stuck_out_tongue:

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I run 8.1 on my laptops and 7 on my desktop. My intention is to maximize resources and avoid having to use Lightning to not bog down our internet.


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