Unable to share project link

Hi Im new to webodm and everything was going great, customized the branding, stitched some photos to make a orthophoto, and then I couldn’t send the photo to anyone, can someone please help. any help much appreciated, that is if it works LOL!

I sent the link to a friend and it said he couldn’t access the link, he tried Firefox, crome, explorer, etc, and it still didn’t work!

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WebODM on your own computer isn’t a fully-featured self-hosting platform.

At the bare minimum, you’d need to leave your WebODM instance running/up whenever you want someone to access the data, and you’ll need to figure out NAT and any other port forwarding required to expose your WebODM instance out to the greater internet (which does not give me the warm fuzzies).

If you are comfortable using it (and I don’t see many objective reasons why one wouldn’t like it), https://send.firefox.com lets you post very large files freely, with nice/granular controls on expiration.

You can put your resultant TIFF there for them to download/view on their own machine, perhaps?


Here’s a screenshot of where you download the orthophoto (top red arrow) or download everything in a zip (bottom arrow). You can send the file to your friend by email if it’s fairly small, or if it’s a big file use a file sharing service as suggested by @Saijin_Naib .

If you want it to share the whole web interface with them, you’ll need your WebODM application set up someplace on the public internet, which is another project altogether…


thanks for the feedback guys i will try that, now that leads me to… how is my client or me going to open these files, windows allows you to see orthophotos, but not the rest, if you guys have a free software to open these files please let me know, and it would be cool if the software had the option to do measurements.

QGIS.org should do the trick.


As other have said if you want the share dataset link to work then the pc where WebODM is running needs to be accessible from the internet.

If you look into it thats quite a tricky task.

On the recommendation of Peiro I looked into Ngrok. It creates a secure ‘tunnel’ back to your chosen pc which can be accessed by a public web address. Might be simpler than getting your client to try to use QGIS which is great software but GIS always has a steep learning curve.

I did a write up of how to get Ngrok running. Might be useful to someone.