Unable to save Hi-Res orthomosaic as .tif

Using ODM and a set of files, I can get great orthomosaic results on default settings and save it as a .tif file. But if I run it on hi-res settings, it creates a .tif file that can’t be opened.

Does this mean that the overlap is insufficient to render an orthomosaic on hi-res? Or is something else going on?

I can post my data set if necessary…

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GeoTiffs are Raster Data, not images. You should not rely upon image viewing software to reliably read them.

Try opening them in something like QGIS, instead.

The likely thing happening here is the GeoTiff may be using the BigTiff structure due to the size of the file.

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Thank you! Opening the Hi-Res images with QGIS resolved the issue.


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