Unable to process custom dataset

Hi everyone,
I am running into a problem while trying to create a fast-orthophoto in WebODM with a dataset captured by a camera developed by my company (workswell.eu).
Here is a link to the images:

When I want to create a fast-orthophoto (with skip-3Dmodel:true) I keep running into 2 errors: First is being unable to upload the images, second one is that the sw says it is unable to read gps info from the pictures. I got it to work once, and it was processing these 53 images for over 13 minutes and it was still finding matches for photos. Is this normal? Is the problem in our Exif format? Which Exif tags does ODM need? Thank you

ODM doesn’t support tiff files yet. I think it’s on the roadmap. If you can output jpgs, try those.