Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone can help me find a program that will allow me to compare two maps side by side using a slider tool. I am having a bit of trouble understanding how to install and run UAVArena plugin. Can anyone offer a simple approach to this?



UAVArena is not really a plugin yet, but rather a hosted website.

There are plugins for QGIS to allow side-by-side viewing/comparing, for instance.

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Is there any script that allows you to host a map with a slider on your website ?

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Hello Nave_Skyys ,

The MapSwipe plugin may assist you to do what you are trying to do but in QGIS.

Here’s a link to youtube with an explanation and a link to the plugin itself.

Not much use if you aren’t using QGIS though…




If you have full control of the server, you can deploy WebODM on Docker to your server host and connect to that to display models with all of the WebODM controls.

I don’t know of an easy publish workflow to go from map to website with comparison/slider view… You might want to check out qgis2web plugin, as well.

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