So I recently purchased UAV4GEO Pro and have used it a few times. This time however when I load my GCP file the preview map shows I am in China, well I am really in Sheboygan Wisconsin USA. Any idea why the preview map is wrong? Here is a copy of my GCP file

GCP Latitude Longitude Elev
131 43.74769266N 87.70592482W 470.289
132 43.74771668N 87.70591111W 470.398
133 43.74765721N 87.70585081W 470.645
134 43.74774049N 87.70578900W 470.748
135 43.74778789N 87.70549152W 471.407
136 43.74781860N 87.70521300W 470.469
137 43.74781875N 87.70516945W 470.34
138 43.74785202N 87.70469972W 470.828
160 43.74801057N 87.70396833W 471.345
![image 690x388](upload://rSNTXY85E1hl28JaZzfoCVuT6Tr.jpeg)

Latitude is correct but longitude needs to be negative to show up in the US. Check to see if your longitude values are incorrect. They should be -87 not 87


Wait your coordinates are correct (you have the W tagged on the end of the Longitude). Is the software looking for decimal degrees with sign and not Direction? It may not be recognizing the North and West values you have appended.

I was able to get this corrected by looking at the coordinates on the preview map and then copying them into a new spreadsheet and adding the - for Longitude. All is good but I never had this issue before, just weird.


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