Two flights in same model

Hello everyone! I want to make a 3D model with two diferents flights.

When I make the model with WebODM only one of them was made.
I know that they don´t have the overlap between them. But I can see the cameras and photos (image). Is there a posibility to make both models in the same proyect?

I used: resize-to: 2048, rerun-from: dataset, camera-lens: brown, depthmap-resolution: 1000, opensfm-depthmap-min-consistent-views: 2, opensfm-depthmap-method: BRUTE_FORCE, use-3dmesh: true, ignore-gsd: true, mesh-size: 300000, mesh-octree-depth: 12, crop: 0, pc-quality: high, pc-csv: true, texturing-skip-visibility-test: true, texturing-skip-global-seam-leveling: true, texturing-skip-local-seam-leveling: true, texturing-skip-hole-filling: true, texturing-tone-mapping: gamma, dtm: true, dsm: true, dem-resolution: 3, orthophoto-resolution: 3, orthophoto-png: true, split-overlap: 0


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As OpenDroneMap is currently built, you would need to put the models together outside of it. Blender, Meshlab, and cloudcompare are all good tools for doing this, and each have fantastic video tutorials on YouTube and probably elsewhere.

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As-is you can’t. But you could modify ModelView.jsx to load multiple points clouds at once:

We’d welcome contributions to improve this.


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