Trying to figure out what made this bad orthomosaic

I am not near my raw photos I used to process this orthmosaic, (and will post later) but I wanted to share this now to see if anyone had an idea off the top of their head what caused this ortho to be badly stitched.

The images themselves looked fine and to compare I processed them just fine in pix4d.

The settings I used here were pretty simple: All defaults but selected DSM and DTM to be created, and made the min num points to 10000 instead of 8000

I could paste the task output later here too, the orthomosaic in question is located as a ~45MBPNG on my googledrive:

Will post more info later, but curious if anyone had any ideas off the top of their heads.

Here is the task list on gist: (Gist will truncate and will have to click view raw on gist)