Trouble installing WebODM on Windows 10 machine - Docker installation fail

Hi all,

I’m getting an installation error message during the installation of WebODM on my office PC which reads: Unable to execute file: C:\Users\Dahlek\AppData\Local\Temp\is-UEHA2.tmp\DockerInstaller.exe

I have been able to install these files on my home PC and run WebODM on that machine without any troubles. So, i’m not sure whats happening with this machine.

I’ve tried to do a print screen attachment of the error code with this post but not sure if that is going to work (I fumble through IT till i get it going, no expert here!)

error message|552x275

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions on what to try!


Try downloading docker directly from and see if you can install it.

Thanks Pierotofy,

I had decided to give that a go even before you sent this along and got Docker up and running on the PC. Now It has kicked me to the next error message when installing WebODG… this time with the GitInstaller.exe


Could this be happening due to a firewall or other Admin permissions conflict on the machine?

Hello, Kirk! This sounds like some restrictions put in place by the IT folks at your workplace. Either lack of admin permissions, or some kind of installed software preventing execution of certain types of apps. Often this is done to prevent viruses, accidental installation of spyware, etc. Do you have an IT department or helpdesk at your company?

Agree with @coreysnipes, something is blocking the installer from downloading the dependencies.

You can also try to install git manually: Git - Downloading Package

Thanks guys,

Manually installing Github has me moving ahead now. I’m sure i’ll hit a few more snags and will resort to my IT team when and if so but WebODM is up and downloading its initial setup files now so fingers crossed.

I appreciate your quick response and assistance,