Trouble getting started

Hi all, Ive signed up for WebODM and paid on Saturday. Its Monday and I have not had a repose re the installation package, book and GCP support tool. Who do I contact regarding this?

With best wishes

South Africa

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UPDATE - I have sent a second request order through and this one has been successful !!

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Normally you’d be contacted pretty quickly by Piero.

So, you have everything you need to get started now, right?


Check your spam folder, sometimes the confirmations e-mails get sent there. If you made a duplicate order, get in touch at Contact - UAV4GEO and we can refund you one.

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I am really impressed as to how the software is working - I am still running my own trials!! One issue I am having is converting the point cloud from .LAZ to Guass Conformal using my local Lo system (19) - but I am working on it :slight_smile:

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