Transfer dimensions from the 3D model to Orthophoto

Problem: I have the dimensions of the coordinates in the 3d-model, but I need them in the Orthophoto… So I want to select a polygon in the Orthophoto in my Python program (works) and want to equate this with the 3d-model. The problem ist, that the 3d model has another size than the Orthophoto, so I can’t equate the x-axis with the width of the Orthophoto. Does anyone an idea which attribute is the same, so I can “connect” them? Thanks!

You could reference the code in which converts camera poses to georeferenced (lat/lon) coordinates. The same logic would apply to vertices locations (assuming you’re using the georeferenced textured model).

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I’m using the .las file, so the coordinates are in meters. Thanks for your reply!