Tracking Resource Use in WebODM in Windows?

Hi Guys and Gals,

I was wondering if there is a relatively easy way to track the resources used by WebODM during tasks or in general when using WebODM under Windows 10, running via Docker?

there is a diagnostic panel that will show you the total storage and ram used at the time of viewing

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Hey where do i find this sorry?

Edit - Got it!

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happy to help! happy mapping!


Right, I’m aware of the Diagnostics Panel.

However, I’d like to track the resources constantly throughout a job, as a graph without having to constantly check the Diagnostics panel over hours and hours. This could help diagnose failed projects and to track max memory used for certain settings to better handle project and hardware allocation and planning. I’ve seen it done elsewhere using Linux tools, but I’m not the most savvy at doing so with Docker in Windows.