Total images WebODM can Process

  1. I’ve a dataset of 10000 and 30000 images for a project.
    System Specifications: Windows 10 pro , 80 GB RAM , WebODM windows native , 1.5 TB memory Disk.

  2. Can I process all images at once.

  3. If yes, How much time it will take.

  4. If no, what should be my system specifications in order to process them all at once.

  5. If split the dataset in sets of 2500 , How can I view the merged 3D model in the WebODM.

  6. If datasets have low light images too, what changes should I’ll make to process the dataset.

  1. Depends upon processing settings mostly, and if you have enough pagefile.
  2. Depends upon processing settings mostly, and CPU.
  3. The most RAM your system can support to help you have more latitude to change settings and increase quality.
  4. Are you using split/merge pipeline or manually processing sets of 2500 images as separate jobs?
  5. What does this mean? Images taken at night? Different time of day and lighting from the other images?
  1. I want to use ‘Default’ settings. What will be the limit in this case?
  2. No, I’m not using split and merge option. I processed the datasets in different tasks. 1st 2500 in 1st task and same for 2nd one. Now I can see the merged ortho photo but can’t see the 3D option there for whole project. How do I get one in WebODM itself. I don’t want to merge and visualize outside the WebODM.
  3. Yes, Different time of the day like in afternoon and then at sunset. Will there be any problem processing them together?
  1. Very difficult to estimate. I honestly don’t know.
  2. That’s not how the processing pipeline works, unfortunately. For your current workflow, you’ll need to composite outside of WebODM if you can’t use split-merge.
  3. There could be. It really depends upon how similar the scenes appear and if common tiepoints can be found. Afteroon to just about sunset should be okay, but the presence of really big shadows might cause some trouble.
  1. what do you suggest after merging the point clouds in Cloud compare. Can I visualize the merged cloud in WebODM by uploading it by any means?
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  1. Try this workflow here (convert the pointcloud to EPT format, place it in the right directory):
    Upload Point Cloud into WebODM - #10 by Discordian
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I didn’t get the conversation properly. It says they’re still developing the plugin right?
Or can you please explain the conversion and replacement process more accurately.

Yes, they are still developing it, but they give a framework for how they have already attempted to replace the point cloud by generating the EPT and putting it in the proper location.