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Hello I have 210 images with about 1 Gb size that have tried different time to make an ortophoto without success, my laptop is an I5 7th generation, 16 Mb RAM and a 500 Gb SSD disk. The link to the pictures is :
Please explain

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What settings have you tried? What error do you see when it fails?

I suspect the issue is not enough RAM, 16GB isn’t really enough except for very small tasks.

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I am assuming you meant your laptop has 16Gb and not Mb!

RAM - I have a laptop with 16Gb that I use for small jobs and it is about 175 Images at 20MP per image that I max out at. I generally max out at just under 14Gb of RAM for the Processing.

You can try to resize the images, and of course sacrifice quality or you need to access a processing node with more RAM.


No major problems with the images for producing an orthophoto. A few gaps in the 3D model though.

I’ll leave these here for a few weeks before deleting-

3D model



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