Token Details Insufficient


While using below setup:

<NODEODM> -----------<CLUSTERODM> -------------------<NODEODM>

I know its optional and only used when authentication is required.

Is using the token parameter while setting up clusterodm and nodeodm same with docker? Like does it mean that all the token values should be same(token1 == token2 == token3) or which combination applies? Because in all the --help options and documentation, it just says

Sets a token that needs to be passed for every request. This can be used to limit access to he node only to token holders. (default: none)

This information is ambiguous and does not make the difference clear between the two similar types.

Any help appreciated. Has anyone tried this?

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Gentle reminders to the community members (or moderators). Any suggestions regarding this is helpful.


A token is a simple authentication control that get’s passed to the node. It gets set with a flag when a node is initiated, whether NodeODM or ClusterODM, and that node won’t allow jobs without it. It could be all the same token between different nodes, or a different one for each node.

Generally, if you are using ClusterODM with a bunch of nodes, you would protect the nodes with a firewall and leave them initiated without a token, but if ClusterODM were available to the world, protect that end point with a token.


Thanks for clearing that out!

On the same issue, I wish it could be specified in the documentation and there could be clear instructions on how not to confuse it with other similar areas.

Sure! If you can do a pull request, we’ll get that in:

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