TMS in Business Intelligence Qlik Sense

Dear all,

we managed to install opendronemap. Great job guys!
Now we porcessed images and got a result out of it. We were already able to integrate orthpoto in Leaflet with this url:

Now we want to use this orthophoto in our BI software Qlik Sense. It has a map viewer, like Leaflet, where you can add a background layer with TMS.
We tried a lot variances to get it run, but without success. Can anyone give us a hind fora solution? Do we have to transform the x,y,z?
There are advanced options in qlik, where you can set the origin x, y and other parameters.

Not sure if this is the same product but looking at Qlik GeoAnalytics for Qlik Sense reference documentation under “Geodata Layer” it has:

Property Use Description
Source URL required URL to geodata in specified format. When a tiled service is selected as Source Format, the variables {level}, {x}, {y} can be used for selecting the correct tile.

So hopefully you just need to change the {z} to {level} in your URL.

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