Tips for Phantom 4 RTK

Hey guys!

I have some images taken by a phantom 4 RTK, and I was wondering if anyone have experience with these images?

Do I have to enter each of the image locations as GCPs or will webODM recognize this by itself?

Furthermore, if I have to define the GCPs, I need to know the pixel location of the GCP as well, is this just defined as the center pixel of the image, or how does that work?


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ODM can read the GPSDOP tag in the exifs to put more weight on the GPS measurement from RTK. I don’t know how the Phantom 4 RTK stores information (perhaps you can share the images)?

Also check which might be related.

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Does that mean ODM reads the geotag when you run a DSM + DTM process?
If I specify additional GCPs, will ODM use both the geotags and the GCPs or only one of them?

I’m trying to test results with and without GCPs to see if I can use only the RTK positions, or if GCPs are needed.

Here’s one of the images.


ODM will use both (GPS and GCPs).

Try to .zip the image, the forum software created a thumbnail and removed the important information that are part of the original image.

It is not letting me upload anything other than images, .zip are not allowed.

Hello TangoMango – I’m following this thread to learn more about your process with RTK. I understand that your P4P-RTK gives you precision coordinates for each image, but I’m uncertain about your GCP’s. Are you also using a precision GPS rover or total station to register the coordinates of the GCP’s?

The GCPs can be seen on the image (small wooden plates), I have used a RTK rover to obtain the positions of these.

@Tangomango, This is what the captured information looks like within the Exif info.
I viewed this info in Finder on a MacBook.

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