Tie-points / Key-points

Since lately I’m managing to explore ODM/WebODM a bit more, I can’t help but keep comparing it to Metashape, as I have been using it for the last 3 years in some research projects.

This time I’d like to ask about Tie-points and Key-points. In Metashape, at the “align photos” step (that is SfM, building the sparse point cloud), we have two “advanced” options, number of Tie points, and number of Key points.

In Meashape, key points are the features of interest found by SIFT, while the tie-points are those connecting two images; these values are given for the upper limit of points to be extracted for each image.

What would be the corresponding options in ODM? Seems to me that min-num-features is more related to the tie points of Metashape.

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