Three dimensional reconstruction of multiple routes

I am using UAV of DJI for aerial mapping. After that, ODM is used for 3D reconstruction. However, I encountered a problem. When surveying and mapping, DJI UAV will store pictures of multiple routes in multiple different folders. The photo information of each folder starts from 001. However, when I used ODM, I found that multiple folders could not appear in the path where we stored photos. We will have to store all the photos in one folder, but in this way, the route information will be disturbed, and the 3D reconstruction model will have some errors (compared with pix4d)
Iā€™m using the Linux code in the example. Please help me solve this problem. How to reconstruct the three-dimensional model of the ground surface composed of several route photos.
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I think this comes down to data management. You should process each route as a separate dataset?

Or if you want to process all routes as a single dataset, rename your files with xxxx_filename.JPG, where xxxx is the route number and process from the same folder.

There are tools that make this easy:


Thank you so much for helping me solve this big problem. Nowdays, I am busy peparing my exam. But this is really a great way to solve this problem. The program you recommended to me is really easy to use. I will try to reconstruct it later,and I will tell you whether I have solve the problem. Thank you so much.
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