Thermal orthomosaics. Searching for documentation

Hi guys! I am an engineering student from Paraguay, South America. We, my partner and I decided to implement an Analysis of Thermal images on a Electrical Substation to find hot spots for our degree thesis. We are currently looking for documentation and would be very helpful if some of you gave us any code, dataset or whatever that you think could help us.Another request, if some of the developers or some user with more experience maybe could explain me what is the biggest problem with Thermal orthomosaic so we could have a starting point.

Thanks you all for your attention and help.

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Hey Ivan! Welcome to you and your team.

What documentation do you need? General information on how to use OpenDroneMap? If so, consider the OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide book. Piero does offer special pricing/free copies for Equal Opportunity Access. You may apply if you see fit.

I don’t know of any datasets of Electrical Substations to share, but a member here has posted a dataset of Solar Panels:

What’s the biggest problem that I can think of with Thermal data? I’d say the incredibly low spatial resolution of the images as a primary problem, as it makes it difficult to actually extract useful features.
Secondarily, I’d say the low radiometric resolution of most consumer thermal imagers, but that mainly just impacts the accuracy of the derived imagery, not necessarily a problem for constructing the imagery.


Thank you Saijin, all of this would be very helpful. There are a lot of things I dont know about this programm yet so everything is a major help rigth now. Supposedly the camera I going to use has a very good resolution but we couldn’t try it and I dont know the exact model or specifications. I am starting with this and I hope there would be more people like you open to help later.

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