"The Quick Method" is not quick and not simple until you know how

How do I know? Because I tried to follow the WebODM instructions to improve those same instructions.

I hope that someone who is familiar with the github UI and procedures can discover my attempts, and consider my suggestions.

As a novice with a github account, who is not working commercially in software development, the instructions in “The Quick Method” could be improved.

If improved for new users of WebODM, there could be more Contributors, especially for improvements to the ODM Official Documentation pages (if those pages are still being updated).

I have spent time I will never get back… on opening what I thought were 2 “Pull Requests”. However apparently only one is appearing in my searches.

Yes, with more hours my familiarity with github’s design and user interface “features” will become very local knowledge. :wink:

It would also be nice to see a link to the Documentation pages, posted for easy access on https://community.opendronemap.org/.

How to make your first contribution

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