The process stopped while the execute time continues counting

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to process my images on my remote AWS EC2 Ubuntu 16.04.4 environment, which is set up with 16GB RAM and 100GB disk spaces, and the WebODM project is installed NATIVELY.

While loading images more than 100+ images, my WebODM page suffered from output paused situation, and the execute time continues counting, without any error message exported.

While running the project, i tried to check the memory use using the shell script, somehow finding it looked like it’s ok for the memory use:

Here’s my capture output images for further information:

Also the full output were uploaded here:

And all of the images and output file’s google drive link here:

Please let me know if there’s any advice or some parameter setting suggestion, i’ll follow up as soon as possible to get all the projects work as expected, thank you!! =)

Best Regards,