The perfect camera?

Yes, what is the perfect camera?

I’ve searched and used my knowledge of photography, yes I own a slr, and have concluded that a fujifilm camera is the best option. The x-trans sensor doesn’t have the moire problem at all and has very good detail. To that it seems that a Samyang fisheye is the best and most budget friendly option, at least for me.

The lens, whatever the focal length, has to have low chromatic aberration(colour fringing) at a reasonable aperture. The Samyang 8mm has very low chromatic aberration at an aperture of 5.6.

I’m trying to be technical about a camera instead of the usual “if it looks good it’s good”.

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Will you be shooting RAW or JPEG from the camera? Many raw processing softwares are really not terribly excellent at demosaicing the X-Trans sensor data, so you may find that SOOC JPEGs are better in most every case.

What X-Trans sensor generation? I’ve used X20, X30, X-T1, X-T10, and now X-T2.

You may also find a smaller EXR point-and-shoot or bridge suitable, as the EXR color filter array was designed to prevent moire and expand dynamic range by doing sensor-domain dual-exposure (16MP EXR can capture 2x8MP exposures simultaneously to generate high dynamic range, reduce noise, etc).

I don’t have experience with that Samyang lens, but I do have the Samyang/Rokinon catadioptric 300mm lens and I adore it.

Surprisngly, the Opeteka X-Mount manual lenses I’ve found to be absolutely stunning for the sub-$100 pricing, even in Full Spectrum, which is notoriously hard.

Wide-open (F/2.0), Full Spectrum, no C/A or fringing (nor hotspots).

JPG’s from slr’s at low ISO is very good and natural so I would use that. I’ve used iPhone images for reconstruction with good results, the GoPro jpg on the other hand is terrible.

I’ve been looking for a used xt-3.

I have a Samyang fisheye for my Olympus EM-1 mk 2 and it’s a very good lens.

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I don’t think the best camera is an xtrans sensor … Nowaday Canon publish cmos with global shutter (eos c700) or Z-Cam E2-S6G .Sony as well with IMX661 and may be others … I’s real global shutter not fake like back illuminated shutter or xtrans tech.

For photogrammetry purpose, it was well developed in France and now in industry, look for IGN Camlight or Caman with a cmos global shutter sensor : CMOS CMV20000

And what means perfect ?
Do you mean spectral value, geometric deformation, sharpness … ? Different concepts about what your are looking for according of what you want as results …

Low noise and sharp images