The Missing Guide

I downloaded this when I purchased the installer. It appears to only discuss the command line method of installing. I did not install docker. I installed it on a laptop and I think I made a mistake in doing so because of the way my single drive is partitioned. Is this information current or should I look elsewhere?

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If you’re running under Docker/WSL2 then you’ll need to manually redirect the WSL2 ext4.vhdx to another drive, yes. Microsoft provides documentation for this process of tuning the .wslconfig.

This happens while the assets are synced back down to your Lightning client.

I installed using the Windows Installer.
I did not install docker.
I think I just need to re partition my drive.
Is this stuff processed on a server or locally on my pc…I ask because of the email and wonder if I can disconnect from the inernet while runnning a data set.

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Then it should be storing everything on the drive where WebODM is installed, typically the C: drive. The logic should prefer C, or the largest fixed drive when the installer is launched.

It is processed locally unless you have a Lightning node selected, or unless you have Auto for the node selection and you’ve signed into a Lightning account. We’re changing the logic for Auto going forward to lessen the confusion around where things are being processed.

Yep, provided you’re using a local node (not Auto or Lightning), there is no problem working fully offline. Obviously, viewing the basemaps in the View Map function after processing will fail, but that is to be expected as it won’t be able to fetch the basemap tiles when you’re offline.

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