The long wait!

It’s hard, waiting for the result.

What should I do with all that time?

Can’t use the computer, it’s already spending all resources computing my images.

I think I need another hobby!

Home made espresso. And coffee roasting. That way you can be extra anxious and attentive while waiting for the processing to complete.


Stephen’s got some great hobby notes. Check his blog!

Depending upon the day, it’ll be listen to music, read, tinker with RC stuff, or possibly play with the theremin.


I grind my beans though, tastes better.

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Same. Manual coffee grinders for a while and now one that plugs in! Down from more than a minute grinding per espresso to 15 seconds. It’s a bit louder though…

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Depends on the brand, some sound like a lawnmower.

You‘ve got a theremin? Cool :sunglasses:
I don’t know if you can upload sounds here, but I would be interested…

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Nobody wants to hear me try and play it :rofl: I don’t even want to hear me, haha.

Cihan Golbudak I think is my favorite player, if you want to hear someone wonderful:

It’s an OpenTheremin V3 Special Winter Edition by GaudiLabs.

I need a case/enclosure for it, and since it has been something like 25 years since I played piano regularly, I want to add two of these Locus Engineering E2063 Chromatic Tuner / Frequency Counters to give me feedback on what note/frequency I’m making to help me tune my ear and my muscle memory in real-time.

I did take lessons with Peter Theremin, the great-grandson of Leon Theremin via Zoom which was so awesome!


This one is the DF64, known by various names. It’s actually not too bad noise-wise, but not whisper silent like hand grinding.


I got a Wilfa Aroma. Pretty silent for a grinder.


Really cool stuff, quite fascinating!

I also would like to make some experimental music, maybe with Audulus or even SuperCollider - but that would need some programming skills…

And beside my job and the drone, there’s not much time left. The only solution would be: Stop watching TV :wink:

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