The best settings for a high orto photo

What are the best settings for high resolution ortho photo and Good connections?

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I generated an ortho photo map in web odm (high resolution) and in pix4d. There are some trees above the road. On the web odm, the crowns of the trees are distorted, blurry, and everything and the ground near them. In pix 4d the trees look normal and everything is fine. In addition, the curbs do not connect in some places, and the teeth on the joints in the web odm version are out.
What may be the problem?

Processing settings, most likely.

What exactly are you using for your processing parameters?

High resolution settings in web ODM.
I didn’t change anything.

Have you read what Piero posted above?

Are you able to share your data on something like

2021-06-17 06_22_53-Window

The last 2 photos are from pix4d.

For starters, try using 3D mesh instead of 2.5D mesh.

Use 3dmesh true- yes?

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Yes, that should help a fair bit, just to start. You can also try increasing pc-quality and feature-quality later.

I set up use3dmesh, the improvement is small, but not yet a satisfactory effect.
pc-quality and feature-quality is on high.
When I set ultra, Cannot process dataset error pops up.
I’m sending photos from the drone.

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I’m trying, haha!

I only have 32GB RAM, so I can’t push things too crazy, but hopefully this will meet your expectations. I think your 16GB RAM is going to severely limit how much you can drive up the quality in OpenDroneMap, so in general, I’d recommend considering upgrading your RAM.

A little weird on the power lines, but I think everything else looks great!

So I should add RAM and it should work fine?
Could you send me the ortho photo map you created?

I can’t guarantee it working fine because I was struggling to get this dataset to stitch at the high quality you wanted at 32GB RAM, but it will certainly be much better than 16GB RAM at the quality you want.
wwitek123-8003 - DroneDB

Im trying but i have ‘out of memory’.

Yeah, you might have difficulty reaching the quality you want with the RAM you have.

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