Thanks for making WebODM and I cannot update

I am happy to tell that it is so easy to make fantastic orthophotos and 3d models by WebODM. Also, position accuracy without GCP are still good enough for my usage such as about 1 m difference depend on number of pictures. It is also impressive to show orthophoto on QGIS from my UAV photos.

Also, I have two problems such as unable to export kmz files from the menu setting and unable to update following message “title: cannot check for update message: certificate has expired, check for WebODM Drone Software - OpenDroneMap for update”. I found solution of kmz file problem from this community.

These are my impressions. Thanks for working webODM software.


Glad you’re able to work with KMZ now, Hiro!

As for the auto-update, our Encryption Certificate expired recently (along with a whole bunch of other projects’ certificates!) and we need to get a replacement:
Cannot update: certificate has expired · Issue #1064 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM (

So, known issue. Nothing wrong on your end!

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Certificate chain has been updated, so update checks should work once again.


I have done update.

I made update without problem.
I hope kmz file appeare on dashboard.

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