Textured Model Plugin

Hello People!

As I’ve been working on webodm since last one year I face the need of uploading LAS files in th same. But WebODM can’t support this functionality, So I’m using Potree viewer for my application.

Can somebody help in building the ‘Textured Model’ Plugin in Potree Web - Viewer as WebODM.

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What would the need for this be? To load data that isn’t part of the existing reconstruction?

Yeah. The files are produced without or with webodm can be uploaded at same platform.
I’ve done for just point clouds but I need the textured model part too.

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I think something like our DroneDB.app platform might suit this need. Have you taken a look at it?

Yeah. But it doesn’t provide any platform like potree to visualize.
Most specifically I need to add the ‘Textured Model’ option potree for now.

Or How to visulize the textured model from webodm in potree separately.

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