Textured Model doesn't display entire model

Very large project. Approximately 2200 photos. Produces the 2D and 3D photos okay, but when I enable ‘Textured Model’ it cuts off a big junk of the photo. Not sure why this may be happening, but it is consistent, even with a re-run of the data. Anyone else see something like this?

Link to RCS Files

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That might be a display issue. To be sure: what does the orthophoto look like, or alternatively, how does it look if downloaded and viewed in blender or meshlab?

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Ortho looks okay - full area is displayed.

Exported to methlab shows the similar result as shown in the 2nd picture attached (note: first picture is the ortho).

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Sorry for the trouble around this.

Are you able to share your “all.zip” somewhere for us to poke at?

I sure can!

Dropbox Link to January Mission


Oh, that’s quite odd… The model isn’t complete.

Is this the first such problem you’ve experienced in generating a 3D Textured Model?

I’m noticing some oddness in the PointCloud that looks like you had pretty bad reconstruction in some areas, with parts of the pointcloud meters above the background.

Was this dataset collected over multiple days or anything?

First time seeing this issue, but it might well be some corruption during the PC creation? Data set was collected on the same day.

More investigation!!
Thanks for your review !!

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Yeah, something really odd went on with the pointcloud.

Same day, multiple flights? Same sUAS, right? I’m trying to think how we might need to approach fixing this…

Same UAS same day, same time frame - etc. Pattern was N to S and back, no cross patterns… Interesting!

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Do you recall the flight plan parameters? Overlap, sidelap, etc?

Overlap and Side lap 80%
Altitude 375 - Terrain Follow.
Similar settings for both Dronelink and Litchi

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Hmm… Maybe due to some areas being low-feature it might have needed a bit more detail. I’m wondering if we might not be able to save it by pushing --min-num-features to 64000 or 128000 with matcher-neighbors being 32 or so.

I wil set up and give that a shot tonite!

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