Tersus PPK system

I am trying to use Tersus UAV PPK kit with my drone for precision mapping but for some reason the amount of event mark is way more than pictures taken. I did everything according to manual still no resolve then I tried to tinker with settings but just can’t figure it out. If I view the mark events in kml format then it shows the trajectory of whole path of UAV instead of just showing the points where image were taken. If anyone has worked with tersus system please help.

Thank you

I’m not familiar with this system but if your using a hotshoe cable make it as short as possible and keep it away from any other electrical cables and electronics. Go to Emlids forum and search the same problem, there are some ways to mitigate interference on the hotshoe line.

I went through everything and its away from all electrical cables also i went through the plot file that the coordinates are producing and it looks more like the system is actively recording the data instead of accidental markevents.

What drone are you using it on? How is the camera triggered?

It’s a custom Quadcopter with cube orange. Camera is Sony a6100. I am using a shutter release cable connected to aux pin of cube orange and using relay for trigger. Although during mission GCS is sending commands for trigger.

I’m using a similar setup with custom built ardusimple gps unit and adafruit logger with a hotshoe. I would suspect it might be a problem in the gps unit configuration. Are you using emlid studio to tag the images ?

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