Task fail after 12:35, and ongoing GPU and altitude issues

A number of issues with this failed task

325images 12:35:40 Cannot process dataset

|Options:|auto-boundary: true, crop: 4, dem-resolution: 3.0, dsm: true, dtm: true, gps-accuracy: 6, orthophoto-resolution: 2.0, pc-quality: high, resize-to: -1, smrf-threshold: 0.3, use-3dmesh: true|

Any progress on why GPU feature extraction no longer works?

[INFO] Maximum photo dimensions: 5472px
[INFO] Photo dimensions for feature extraction: 2736px
[INFO] CUDA drivers detected
[WARNING] Cannot use GPU for feature extraction: Cannot initialize CUDA
[INFO] Altitude data detected, enabling it for GPS alignment

From the EXIF data -


So where does this come from?

2022-05-19 16:45:59,439 INFO: Altitude for orientation based matching 52.178650472345424

I notice people often comment that DJI EXIF altitudes are unreliable, but I find they are always quite close to or spot on reality with my M2P. What is unreliable is
what appears in the info line above, with altitudes sometimes differing by hundreds of kilometres, not just metres, from what is in the image EXIF data.

EDIT, and from the full set of 2323 images, of which the 325 here are a part, I see this-
2022-05-20 09:46:41,541 INFO: Altiude is negative (-512.8613350562712) : viewing directions are probably divergent. Using default altide of 1.0

And the crash-
End of console log

2022-05-20 05:11:51,329 DEBUG: Undistorting image DJI_0663_3.JPG
2022-05-20 05:11:51,560 DEBUG: Undistorting image DJI_0662_3.JPG
[INFO] running “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\opensfm\bin\opensfm” export_visualsfm --points “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\440b81cc-2fc6-4246-ab64-c6f3ea001e6b\opensfm”
[INFO] Finished opensfm stage
[INFO] Running openmvs stage
[INFO] running “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\opensfm\bin\opensfm” export_openmvs “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\440b81cc-2fc6-4246-ab64-c6f3ea001e6b\opensfm”
[INFO] Depthmap resolution set to: 1368px
[INFO] Running dense reconstruction. This might take a while.
[INFO] Estimating depthmaps
[INFO] running “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\OpenMVS\DensifyPointCloud” “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\440b81cc-2fc6-4246-ab64-c6f3ea001e6b\opensfm\undistorted\openmvs\scene.mvs” --resolution-level 0 --min-resolution 1368 --max-resolution 1368 --max-threads 16 --number-views-fuse 2 -w “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\440b81cc-2fc6-4246-ab64-c6f3ea001e6b\opensfm\undistorted\openmvs\depthmaps” -v 0 --geometric-iters 0
[INFO] running “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\OpenMVS\DensifyPointCloud” --filter-point-cloud -1 -i “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\440b81cc-2fc6-4246-ab64-c6f3ea001e6b\opensfm\undistorted\openmvs\scene_dense.mvs” -v 0
===== Dumping Info for Geeks (developers need this to fix bugs) =====
Child returned 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\stages\odm_app.py”, line 94, in execute
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\types.py”, line 346, in run
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\types.py”, line 346, in run
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\types.py”, line 346, in run
[Previous line repeated 1 more time]
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\types.py”, line 327, in run
self.process(self.args, outputs)
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\stages\openmvs.py”, line 194, in process
system.run(‘“%s” %s’ % (context.omvs_densify_path, ’ '.join(config + gpu_config)))
File “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\opendm\system.py”, line 106, in run
raise SubprocessException(“Child returned {}”.format(retcode), retcode)
opendm.system.SubprocessException: Child returned 1

===== Done, human-readable information to follow… =====

[ERROR] Uh oh! Processing stopped because of strange values in the reconstruction. This is often a sign that the input data has some issues or the software cannot deal with it. Have you followed best practices for data acquisition? See Flying Tips — OpenDroneMap 3.1.7 documentation

There is nothing wrong with the images, sharp with about 80/80 overlap, mostly taken at -80 to -90° in the flight plan, plus a few more off-nadir images around -60° of a gully, and no images anywhere near the horizon.

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Re-running this morning, it completed, albeit at a lower resolution than what I want, with default settings only, in 2h08m.

3D view, with good dam water surface, but some trees flattened onto the ground surface


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