Task completed - still running

Hello, I have had this issue a couple of times and do not understand why.

I will get my “Task completed” message via email.

The task is still running.

My solution is to stop/delete the running task in webodm and then upload the downloaded zip file. I need to share the task so I need the link provided by Webodm.

I am running webodm natively and via Digital ocean server, Ubuntu 16 lts. I always use the Lightning node.

Someone who can guess what’s going on?!

Regards Mattias

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Mm, how much memory does your DO instance have?

Also, a copy of the WebODM logs would help (those printed from the shell when you launch ./webodm.sh start).

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Running a 2GB instance on DO.

I did delete the task and uploaded the zipped file - so the task output/log are gone. I need to run it again if there is no way to get if from the do console?


2gb should be ok. Yes I’m afraid you’ll need to rerun it.

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