Tackle less overlapped photos

I have two datasets:

Because of hilly region in between the surveyed area, the photos could not overlap much. I have tried with few settings. I set matcher-distance and matcher-neighbors to 0 & min-num-features to 80000. Still the results were not fruitful.

Could you guys please suggest what are the other parameters I can tweak to get the full map?

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You could try raising the --feature-quality as high as you can as well and make sure that image resizing is disabled.

Are these separate surveys, or two parts of the same survey?

These are two different surveys. --feature-quality by default is set to High only. Should I try to set it to ultra?

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If you can run it, try it, yeah.

Setting --feature-quality as ultra also did not help. :frowning_face: Could you try on your end or suggest something else?

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I’ll try to get it processed at some point this week. I’ll need to take a look at it to see what’s going on with it.


thanks a ton!! :blush:

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Hi…did you get the time to process?


You’re in the queue for tomorrow :slight_smile:

I spent a lot of time today taking apart and putting back my computer and trying various things to reproduce a failure to process a lot of folks have been having due to a recent update.

Your images are downloaded, optimized, sanity-checked, and ready to go for tomorrow! I didn’t forget yet, haha.


These are really challenging.

Does your sUAS or Flight Planner allow you to do terrain following? QGroundControl for instance will.

My thoughts at the moment are that you might be best served to divide up your survey for these hills into maybe 2 or 3 sub-surveys with a bit of overlap between them, taken at appropriate altitudes above mean survey area elevation to ensure that they can all process together.

Task D:

116/146 images
The lower about 3/4ths reconstructed brilliantly! Seriously, you did a great job.

Task E:
113/138 images

All but the highest part of the hill reconstructed.

So unfortunately, I don’t have any tricks to save these surveys, but I think you can make life easier for yourself going forward with a few tweaks to your flight planning.


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