Survey for Aerial Pilots


My name is April, and I am a geography professor at Cuyahoga Community College. I’m an educator who teaches OpenStreetMap, and have been watching OpenDroneMap grow over the years. I encourage my students to get involved with open spatial work. I know another student, who is working to try to solve a problem for photogrammetrists, and I was hoping a few of you could spare 5 minutes to help him out. I’ll let him explain his work to you.

Thank you! Be well!
April LuMa

My name is Sam M. and I am a 5th grader working on a project for the Invention Convention Competition in June of 2020. I have invented a Hot-Air Kite, and would like some feedback from the aerial photography community to make sure my idea will fit the needs of aerial photographers.

The Hot Air Kite can be thought of as a non-helium version of the Helikite, a kite and hot air balloon combo. Helium is becoming a rare element, and is used in medicine, welding, and in missions to space, and it is becoming expensive. I made my project in an effort to preserve helium.

Would you please take 5 minutes to complete this survey? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sam M.


April, welcome, and congrats to Sam!

If you’re not familiar already, please take a look at the Public Lab. They do amazing FOSS/citizen-science initiatives, and Sam’s project sounds like an interesting hybrid of their Balloon and Kite Mapping projects.


Hi, April! Does your department work with drones? I understand CCC has some related programming in the public safety department, and I believe the Lakeland GIS people use them a bit as well for mapping. Anything we can do to help?

Indeed. In interest of full disclosure, I am connected with this 5th grader too:

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Thanks! Yes, we’ve posted in Public Lab too. Its exciting to see all the communities that overlap and the interesting work in each of them.

Hi Coreysnipes, My department doesn’t work with drones. I believe that is all taught through our public safety department, but yes, Tri-C has at least a couple of drone classes. Lakeland offers more than Tri-C for GIS as well, but someday maybe we can change that at Tri-C… For now, just taking the survey is helpful. This is Sam’s first time designing a survey and he’s excited to see people responding. If you know anyone who would be willing to take the survey, feel free to pass it along! Thanks for your help!