Surface Model (GeoTIFF) appears as a white blob on black background

Hi All,
I am able to produce Orthophoto’s and Surface Models of my images on my Chrome browser but when I save both in (GeoTIFF) only the Orthophoto (GeoTIFF) is viewable, the Surface Model (GeoTIFF) appears as a white blob with a black background.

Both images can be seen here

I am able to achieve a grey scale image of the Surface Model in QGIS if I add a Hillshade layer.

I am using a windows 10 desktop.
My apologies in advance if this has been discussed previously but I could not find any information.

Warwick P Taylor

Load in QGIS (

And adjust the elevation range values (from the layer properties in QGIS).

I could not see the DSM in QGIS, probably due to the compression. Open the DSM in TIFF format in QGIS and it will show you the result you want. Windows image viewer is not suited to show these images