Support for private repositories for GitHub cloud import?

I am super excited about the idea of uploading all my raw images to GitHub, but I’m super chicken about sharing that kind of information publicly. Has anyone explored supporting private repositories? Having something like a deploy key would work well – that’s what folks like CircleCI use, but it’s on a per-repo basis for the most part, and that may or may not work (I haven’t looked at the code yet). Thoughts?

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I have not, but mostly because I’m too cheap to pay for Github when I know I won’t be taking full advantage :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you investigated DroneDB for this usage? Some of the UX is similar, with having permissions, ReadMe and Licensing support as well.

Hmm, my GitHub Free plan has unlimited public/private repositories, and there’s no mention of how much data you can store in those repositories. I confess that was part of the draw. :slight_smile:

I have started to tinker with DroneDB, but the big blocker for me is not being able to run a client on my M1 Mac. When that is addressed, I look forward to exploring it in more detail.

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You’re right. I am, apparently, remembering long-outdated information! I have not come across practical limits in terms of repository file count nor total size, but definitely per-file size limitations apply and you need to use git LFS for that.

I sympathize! I want to get it compiled and running for my Alpine Linux machines as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried Wine against DroneDB’s Windows executable?

I did try Wine and while DroneDB installed, I wasn’t able to actually run it. All I got was the ddb-desktop banner and a very long traceback for a page fault on 0x00000000 (the Windows equivalent of a null pointer exception, I guess) so it’s not quite ready for prime time that way.

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Drat! Thanks for trying. My distro doesn’t have multilib support, so I can’t run anything that isn’t 64bit clean/pure all the way through.

Things I have learned while trying to figure this out:

  • do not try to upload more than 1GiB of images at a time to GitHub unless you want to enable large file support (and pay for it, heh)
  • adding optional basic auth to cloud platforms involves both Python and Javascript – only one of which is comfortable for me
  • going with Rancher Desktop on my M1 Mac has apparently made it harder to make Linux images so I have to develop and build in the cloud

Since vscodium’s remote SSH FS magic isn’t working, I am reduced to logging into the remote server and running vi like it’s still 1997. Whee!

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