Summary Task Output please

I like to keep an eye on Task Output, both during the task (which is taking over 24 hours) and also after downloading when finished. With 1600 images, there are vast tracts of task output which are identical notes about a particular task, 1600 or more times. I have difficulty trying to assess the main stages that are being gone through. A summary option, which just shows the ‘main headings’ and ignores the trivia would be great. Thanks.


Would having the Progress Bar with marks and labels for stages suit your goal with this Feature Request?

Basically so you know what stage you’re in, and what stage out of total number of stages that represents?


That would be great. I would quickly learn which are the stages, and which run quickly and which take hours. Would make a lot more sense to me (not an expert) than watching the ‘task output’ which means very little to me. Thanks. (I shall expect it by tomorrow, or perhaps the day after?? No really, I know how long it takes to prioritise feature requests, let alone code them, test them etc. Look forward to seeing it as and when.)



Gave me a small panic attack, but thanks :rofl:


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