Stuck on Processing views, no error message


I’m trying to process a dataset of 925 images (2048px). I’ve installed WebODM using Docker on macOS High Sierra. I have allocated 2 CPUs (3,4 GHz Intel i5), 21 GB memory + 4 GB swap for docker. I use chrome.

My settings are:
orthophoto-resolution: 2, dem-resolution: 2, matcher-distance: 10, matcher-neighbors: 0, depthmap-resolution: 800, rerun-from: opensfm

Rerunning because the task also froze up before.

The task has now been running for 54 hours and has been stuck on
Processing view view_0266.mve
for at least 8 hours, but it’s probably already more than 24 hours.
The log only shows processing views with the occasional
: Invalid camera.

When I scroll up within the console it still pushes me back down sometimes so it still seems somewhat alive(?) Also, docker is still using 2 CPU cores and 20 GB memory.

I guess, it’s memory related but some error message would be nice.

Before I’ve run the same task without the dem-resolution and depthmap-resolution parameters and it completed successfully. Was hoping to achieve an improved orthophoto result like this.

Perhaps the OS killed the worker process before it was able to report failure. This could happen if you don’t have sufficient memory.

Reporting an error for these cases is something that we need to improve.