Stuck on cancelling and deleting projects

Ok so i started running a project containing 133 images using the following settings:

auto-boundary: true, dem-resolution: 4, dsm: true, gps-accuracy: 8, mesh-octree-depth: 13, mesh-size: 500000, min-num-features: 12000, orthophoto-resolution: 3, pc-quality: high, use-3dmesh: true

I left it running overnight on my laptop, and when i woke this morning it didn’t seem to have progressed any further so I decided to cancel it and just run it on default settings, however this new default settings project got to the sending images to process node stage and no further, so I decided to delete it, and am now stuck in the situation as per screenshot below:

I’ve tried reset processing node and clear disc space from the tools menu with no joy, running 1.9.18

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Try rebooting the machine as well.

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Cheers, that did the trick :+1:

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