Stuck in "default docker machine found" loop

Hi all,

I am installing WebODM for the first time and upon initialization of the WebODM manager, I am getting stuck in a loop where I get a message about a “default docker-machine found” which should be removed. I press “Yes” to authorize the removal of the old docker-machine, but I just get stuck in the loop where it keeps asking me to authorize its removal. Is there any solution to this?


Hey @I.Sharp :hand: could you copy/paste the output from the console tab? It might help diagnose this.

This is what I see when I try to run the docker terminal:

“open C:\Users\iains.docker\machine\machines\default\config.json: The system cannot find the file specified.
Looks like something went wrong in step ´Checking status on default´… Press any key to continue…”

I have looked at the file path and indeed their is nothing there by the name of config.json. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything associated with the docker terminal and WebODM three times and it still doesn’t seem to install the config.json file in the right place.

How would I change the directory in which the docker quickstart is looking? I can find the config.json file in the following “D:\docker-webodm\machines\webodm” directory.

This is a known VirtualBox issue. The key to get this “unstuck” is to create an empty C:\Users\iains.docker\machine\machines\default\config.json file (use Notepad to create the file, making sure that the extension is .json and not .json.txt). Then press the “Delete VM” from the maintenance panel of WebODM.