Struggling to share task

I am trying to share a task to one of my projects, but I keep getting a timeout. I am not sure if there is something i’m missing in terms of the setup. I think it has to do with my firewall settings but I am not sure.

Message me for a lnik.

Hey @skrapoff :hand:, I’m assuming you installed WebODM on your local computer, which is connected to the internet via a modem/router. If you want to share a task with a person outside of your local network, you will need to setup your router to forward port 8000 to the IP of your machine as well as assign a dynamic DNS to your internet IP (using something like

If this is not your scenario, please provide additional details about your setup. WebODM in itself does not require additional configuration, port 8000 is already open and available to any computer that can reach it within your network.