Storage Location - Using external source still fills up Docker VHD

I’m currently using “./ start --media-dir D:\WebODM\data” so i can keep my outputs in plain view on my HDD and not have to worry about VHD size, but the Docker VHD still seems to be filling up… I’m going to assume this is due to files created during processing which are stored in the database location? and not the “media-dir” location?

Is this correct? I’ve been caught off guard and had projects sat doing nothing for hours when WebODM ran out of space because the VHD filled up, but my HDD (media-dir) still had plenty of space left.

You might have to (manually) map the /var/www/data folder of the NodeODM container (see docker-compose.nodeodm.yml) to a disk location also. See

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I’ll check this out thanks.